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About Us

Hi! We are Karen and Larry Blevins. Two empty nesters living out our dream to live aboard our 2002 Carver 444 full time and cruise America’s Great Loop. We’ve have talked about this for years. Planning the perfect time to go and the perfect boat to take. Of course this all went out the window with the pandemic. I’m a planner, so I had a checklist of things that had to happen as we moved closer to our cast off date. But again, things happened and in a matter of 90 days, we had purchased a boat, sold our house, sold, packed or donated most of our belongings and moved aboard! After almost a year on board, we are still making adjustments, figuring out how this is all going to work. We have already learned some very important lessons: There is never the perfect time to go, a perfect way to do things or a perfect boat. The adventure awaits so just go!


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